About Us

Being a single product family run company, we have one focus and one focus only... Satisfying our customers with our Bedside Holster.  Reinventing how law abiding firearm owners can better protect their families at night when they are most vulnerable.  The idea of the Bedside Holster was brought to life when I realized every time I placed my pistol into the nightstand at night, It was always pointing to another area of the house which was not okay with me.  Knowing my kids were in the other areas of the house worried me.  Not to mention the amount of time it takes to reach into the nightstand drawer and fiddle around with crap until I could safely grab my pistol for use if an intruder ever came.  Thus, the Bedside Holster was born with the intention of safe holstering, aiming down away from other areas of the house, and concealable under the blankets only in arms reach right beside my mattress.  We launched sample runs in 2020 and it generated amazing results.  Positive feedback from every direction.  This is when we knew, ecommerce had to happen to spread the word to other 2nd amendment citizens who want to better protect their family.


Our goal is to get a The Bedside Holster in everyone's hands to keep 2nd amendment supporters safe from the threats that be, especially today.  

-Sean Wether, Founder of The Bedside Holster